How to Create a Killer Unplugged Acoustic Version of Any Electric Guitar Song

How To Create A Killer, Unplugged Acoustic Version Of Any Electric Guitar Song 


Acoustic Guitar 3D Ebook CoverDo you want to learn how to create a really cool unplugged acoustic guitar version of any electric guitar song? 

Taking an electric guitar part and playing it note for note and chord for chord in your acoustic guitar song simply won't cut it. However, fear not, there are some really cool, easy, and creative things that you can learn to do with existing chord progressions and the like, that will have your unplugged song for the acoustic guitar sounding awesome! You will amaze your friends with these new found approaches to making a killer acoustic guitar unplugged version  of practically any existing electric guitar song.


After you download and study this free Ebook and Audio on how to create killer, unplugged guitar songs for the acoustic you will:


  • Learn the secrets that the best acoustic guitar players use to take any electric guitar song and make it BETTER on an acoustic guitar
  • Know how to include moving bass parts in your chord progressions so that you can play your acoustic guitar song with a killer bass line at the same time. It will sound like you are playing two instruments at once… then watch your friends’ mouths drop to the floor in amazement. You’ll smile when they ask, ‘how are you doing that?!!
  • Have detailed examples in tab for every concept covered and a side by side comparison of the existing electric guitar part and the new and improved part for your acoustic guitar song
  • Have an audio recording of each example so you can hear how effective each concept is 
  • Get a collection of great concepts, tools, tricks and ideas that you can use again and again to create an awesome unplugged acoustic guitar version of practically any electric guitar song 


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