How To Play Your Acoustic Guitar In Dadgad Tuning

If You Think Open Tunings Are Like Having To Learn Guitar All Over Again, STOP! I’ll Have You Up And Playing, And Sounding Great, Within Minutes, Using DADGAD Tuning.


Acoustic-Guide-DADGAD-TuningAre you wanting to take a MASSIVE leap forward with your creativity on the acoustic guitar?

One of the best ways you can do this is to explore and play in an open tuning such as DADGAD.

Contrary to popular belief, learning your guitar in a different tuning is NOT like having to learn to play all over again. In fact, open tunings, such as DADGAD, are designed to set your guitar up to make it EASIER to play in a particular way.


In this free downloadable guide, all about playing your acoustic guitar in DAD GAD tuning, you will learn:

  • 5 ways you can INSTANTLY sound great, right now, playing your guitar in DADGAD tuning!
  • The very cool and unique characteristics that make up DADGAD tuning and how to apply them to your own acoustic guitar playing straight away
  • How to play full, rich, and lush sounding chords that are impossible to get in standard tuning (some of these chords are ridiculously easy to play and sound awesome!)
  • The No.1 mistake you MUST avoid when playing in any alternate tuning (a lot of people fall into this trap. Don’t let it be you)
  • How playing in DADGAD tuning opens up the door and makes it much easier to play in other tunings on your acoustic guitar
  • Some cool tricks that will allow you to improvise in DADGAD tuning right away, even if you have never improvised on your guitar before


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