Instantly Command The Attention Of Everybody In The Room, Using The Breathtaking Technique Of Harp Harmonics On Your Acoustic Guitar!



Some techniques you learn on guitar are complete game changers, and harp harmonics are certainly on of these. With their unique, magical, mesmerising sound, harp harmonics will immediately captivate your audience.

Picture this:

You are in a room full of guitarists. Everybody is playing, doing the usual sort of stuff you’d expect to hear, and while it all sounds good, there is nothing particularly special that stands out.

Wouldn’t you love to know a technique that will instantly command the attention of everybody in that room?

Well, that technique is harp harmonics!

The first time I ever heard anybody play harp harmonics on their guitar, my jaw dropped to the ground in amazement! I couldn’t believe the sound I was hearing. It was more like a harp, than a guitar. I knew right then, in that moment, I had to learn this technique for myself. Today I want to show you the mind blowing world of harp harmonics and how you can make these a part of your own guitar playing. You’ll never look at your guitar the same way again.

In the “5 Breathtaking Harp Harmonic Chord Progressions For Acoustic Guitar” ebook/video you will:

Discover 5 mind blowing ways you can apply harp harmonics to the chord progressions you play on your acoustic guitar.

• Learn how to apply and use harp harmonics musically in your guitar playing. Make no mistake, these are no one time guitar “trick” that loses its charm after a while. Harp harmonics sound amazing, almost magical, and will be here to stay in your guitar playing

Be shown the 3 main harp harmonic arpeggio patterns and approaches you need to know in order to go to town applying this amazing technique to your own chord progressions

• Develop a technique that will be as unique, creative, and impressive as anything you will ever do on your acoustic guitar. You’ll have the ability to blow people away with your harp harmonics the instant you start playing them!

Have video of each example so you not only hear, but see exactly what you need to do to get the awesome harp harmonic sound into your acoustic chord progressions

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