How To Play Fast On Your Guitar Using Banjo Roll Patterns

Killer Banjo Roll Patterns For Playing Fast On Your Acoustic Guitar


Want to learn some really cool guitar fingerpicking patterns that will not only have you playing up and down the neck of your guitar at blistering speeds, but will also be very adaptable to many different playing situations?

If you answered yes to this question, then my answer for you is “banjo roll patterns!”

Some of the coolest and most impressive sounding fingerpicking patterns for your guitar playing are banjo roll patterns. As the name suggests, these patterns are influenced and taken from banjo players and adapted to the guitar to create some really cool sounding licks and runs.

If you are looking for some new fingerpicking patterns that will take your guitar playing to a whole new level in regard to creativity and speed, then banjo roll patterns are the order of the day.


After downloading and studying this FREE ebook and audio on Killer Banjo Roll Patterns For Your Acoustic Guitar Playing you will:


  • Learn how to create killer sounding licks over and over again with the same simple banjo roll patterns on your acoustic guitar
  • Learn how to generate blistering amounts of speed on your guitar with a simple roll of the fingers
  • Massively improve your fingerpicking skills in a fun, engaging, and creative way
  • Have easy to follow tabbed out examples with audio so you know exactly how everything should sound
  • Have a new found sense of confidence when it comes to fingerpicking your guitar, knowing that you have some awesome sounding banjo roll type licks ready to go whenever you feel the urge to use them.


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