How To Develop Great Acoustic Guitar Technique

How To Develop Great Technique By Creating Unplugged Acoustic Versions Of Songs On Guitar

Unplugged Acoustic Guitar Toolkit Techniques Book ImageDespite their similarities, an acoustic guitar requires a different finesse, feel, and touch to play compared to an electric guitar.

Simply put, the acoustic guitar is a different beast compared to the electric and needs to be played accordingly.

However as much as the touch and feel are important to get right and contribute to your over all sound on the instrument, it’s also as much about the techniques and approaches you adopt to achieve this.

In other words, the touch, feel, and sound you get in your acoustic playing is the result of the techniques and approaches you use.

A fantastic way to develop your acoustic guitar feel and sound is to create unplugged versions of electric guitar songs.

In doing so you tap into the intricacies of the acoustic guitar and are exposed to playing the instrument in ways you may never have thought of previously.

To help with this I have created for you “The Acoustic Guitarist’s Toolkit For Creating Unplugged Songs - Techniques”.

This is the second of a two part series that introduces some simple yet extremely effective tools for creating amazing versions of electric songs on your acoustic guitar.

In “The Acoustic Guitarist’s Toolkit For Creating Unplugged Songs - Techniques” you will:

Learn the intricacies of strumming to achieve a great acoustic sound. There is a lot more at play here than simply focusing on strumming patterns alone

Be taken through key training tips and strategies for acoustic guitar techniques (including strumming, chordal picking, and fingerpicking), so you can utilise these in your unplugged acoustic songs to get the same acoustic feel and sound the pros do

Avoid the common mistakes most people make when trying to create an acoustic version of an electric guitar song. It’s all about finesse, feel and sound, not creating a carbon copy of the electric song, on your acoustic

Learn how to convert piano arrangements into jaw dropping acoustic guitar pieces. Creating an unplugged version of a song that is played on another instrument is a recipe for a truly unique sound

Have all examples tabbed out for you accompanied with audio recordings of both the electric and acoustic versions. This way you can clearly hear how each concept covered really contributes to the sound of the acoustic version in comparison to the electric

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