13 Simple Tricks To Quickly Make Your Fingerpicking Sound Pro

13 Simple Tricks To Quickly Make Your Fingerpicking Sound Pro


13 Simple Tricks To Quickly Make Your Fingerpicking Sound ProLet me ask you a question: What separates a pro fingerpicker from an amateur?

Is it the level they play at, how many tunes they know, how fast they can fingerpick, the gear they use, whether they play gigs or not?

Answer: None of the above.

So then, what DOES make someone sound pro when fingerpicking guitar? What are the secret ingredients?

Well, I can tell you that these “ingredients” are so often overlooked for more complicated things. When isolated, they seem so simple you’d think they wouldn’t make such a big difference to your fingerpicking.

I know when I first started fingerpicking guitar I thought you had to learn things that were hard to sound pro. I thought the more complicated the things I learned were, the more pro I would sound.

However, upon observing pro fingerpickers, I realised that even when they played simple stuff, they sounded great.

What were they doing that I wasn’t?

What was I missing?

The answers (that took me years to learn) are in this eBook I’ve created for you called “13 Simple Tricks To Quickly Make Your Fingerpicking Sound Pro”. Follow the simple things I reveal to you in this eBook and your fingerpicking will improve in just hours, instead of weeks, months or years!

By “simple”, I am NOT referring to basic 101 fingerpicking stuff you can find in any book or video.

These are the things (that no one ever really tells you about) that make THE difference to how pro you sound as a fingerpicking guitar player whether you plan to grace the world stage or simply play for yourself at home.


In this eBook, you learn:

  • 13 Simple Tricks To Quickly Make Your Fingerpicking Sound ProA completely new way to use open chords that is so simple, sounds amazing, and can be implemented in your own playing immediately (page 12)
  • Subtle, but extremely effective and easy ways to make your playing sound fluent, smooth and all round more pro! Some of these things I have not seen taught anywhere in my 30+ years of playing and teaching guitar (pages 29 - 33)
  • How to SIMPLIFY your playing to make it sound MORE advanced. Sounds counterintuitive but it works! (pages 7 - 8)
  • The single most important factor that separates the amateurs from the pros. Nothing matters until you have this. I have played with “pros” who severely lack in this area and everything falls apart as a result (pages 26 - 28)
  • The simple thing you can do that will almost INSTANTLY make your fingerpicking sound better! (pages 24 - 25)
  • The simple fingerpicking trick that can be heard in songs like “Blackbird” that always makes what you play sound more than what it is (pages 16 - 17) 
  • The one thing that screams AMATEUR! and how you can avoid this (page 18 - 23)
  • … and much more!


Get the eBook “13 Simple Tricks To Quickly Make Your Fingerpicking Sound Pro” - with Video examples included - for only $7 and learn what it feels like to LOVE the sound coming out of your guitar when you fingerpick.

The eBook and video examples are available for instant download on my website, so you can begin sounding pro with your fingerpicking right away (nothing is shipped).


“13 Tricks To Make Your Fingerpicking Sound Pro” eBook

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