Create Unplugged Acoustic Guitar Versions Of Any Song

How To Create Unplugged Versions Of Any Song On Your Acoustic Guitar

There's only one thing better than blowing people away, leaving them speechless when they hear you playing an unplugged version of a song they like that is better than the original.... and that's knowing that you created the cool acoustic version of the song yourself!

The problem is, when most acoustic guitarists try to create their own acoustic versions of their favorite songs, it never sounds even nearly as good or better than the original. Instead it sounds boring. Why? Because they just play the song in the same way as on electric guitar instead of including the bass, drum and vocal parts into the one single acoustic guitar part.

Hear the difference . . . . .

Electric Guitar Song Excerpt

Unplugged Acoustic Version

Including these additional parts into your unplugged acoustic guitar version is the secret of the pros... but you don't have to be a pro to do this too and amaze everyone who hears you play! …It's not as hard as it sounds, I teach this to my students every day. 

When I first wanted to create acoustic versions of songs, I could never figure out how to make it sound good. My unplugged version always sounded boring and incomplete… something was missing. I tried to learn how the pros do it by taking lessons, watching videos, trying to teach myself, etc. but I kept struggling for years and never got it right. Then I finally found an old master acoustic player who gave me his approach to transforming songs played by a whole band into a single, complete and full unplugged version on the acoustic guitar. 

Over the last 20 years of teaching guitar to hundreds of students, I’ve refined and simplified this approach to make it faster, easier and better for ordinary students to learn and master quickly.

Now I’ve created a brand new course called: "Create Unplugged Versions Of Any Song On Your Acoustic Guitar"


Here’s What You Learn:

    • How to make you sound like two guitar players playing at the same time – people’s jaws will drop to the floor when they see it’s all only you. 
    • Discover the secrets the pros use to create unplugged acoustic versions of songs that are BETTER than the original. You’ll learn exactly how to do this yourself in creating your own killer sounding unplugged acoustic songs.
    • Learn how to convert piano and keyboard parts into your acoustic guitar version.
    • Improve your own songwriting skills by understanding how great unplugged versions of songs are made.
    • Learn cool, unique and easy tricks to create unplugged acoustic songs in a solo context. You’ll learn and discover ways to include parts played by other instruments in the band such as bass, drums and vocals, into the one single acoustic guitar part.
    • Learn some very unique and creative ways to play chords on your acoustic guitar. You won’t find any of these in your standard chord charts, and they will be of great use to you when creating unplugged versions of song.
    • Learn awesome percussive guitar playing and how to apply this to your unplugged songs so that you can play the rhythm of the drum parts on the guitar too!


With these skills you will be a good enough guitar player to play gigs on your own (without needing a band)


Here’s What You Get:

    • Every example clearly tabbed out for you, with side-by-side comparisons of the electric and newly arranged acoustic parts.
    • Audio recordings of every example, acoustic and electric, so you can hear exactly how cool the unplugged acoustic parts sound compared to the electric version.
    • Video recordings of all unplugged acoustic examples so you can not only hear, but see exactly what you need to do for each approach, in great detail.
    • Prefer to listen instead of reading? You will get the whole course in audio/text format. No need to sit in front of a computer. You can learn how to create unplugged acoustic songs on the go!


Plus, You Get:

FREE BONUS 1: The “Learn, Apply, And Master The Art Of Travis Picking” eBook – Travis picking is one of the very best, most interesting and coolest sounding acoustic guitar techniques. People will love to hear you play acoustic guitar using this technique.

Travis picking looks and sounds complex and very advanced, but it’s not as hard as it looks when you learn it the right way from the beginning. In this eBook, you will discover the secrets to Travis picking that will make it so much easier for you to get it down in your own guitar playing. Every example is tabbed out for you and you get audio recordings of everything so you can hear exactly what you need to do.


FREE BONUS 2: The “Quartal Harmony For Acoustic Guitarists” eBook – If you don’t know what Quartal Harmony is, then be prepared to be completely blown away because it’s unlike anything you have ever played on the guitar! You’re about to discover the strange but beautiful music you sometimes hear in certain kinds of movies, yet you don’t hear in typical songs because most songwriters don’t even know what Quartal Harmony is, or how to use this incredibly sounding music.

From this day on, you will totally transform the way you approach, think about and play chords on your guitar. You also get Extensive fretboard diagrams so you can access Quartal Harmony wherever you are on the neck, in any situation, with ease. Plus you get every  example tabbed out and accompanied with audio recordings so you can hear exactly what you need to do.


This is a great course because before this course if you wanted to take a song played by your favourite band or your favourite songwriter and you wanted to create an acoustic version of a song that was originally arranged for a full band for instance, you had to do everything essentially by ear, by trial and error etc. There was practically nothing available on this topic before this course.

Simon wrote this course, and put into this course, a number of different approaches. Simon will show you how to integrate a bass line or a riff, how to integrate melody notes, how to use percussive techniques on your acoustic guitar so that you can simulate a whole band into a single instrument.

Simon will show you how to take all the lines, all the voices, all the parts of different instruments in a band and how to reduce all the arrangement so that you can play it on a single instrument and still give the original impression, the original fullness of the arrangement.

This is literally the only systematic course on this topic. It’s something completely new and it’s something absolutely amazing because it solves a very specific problem practically every acoustic guitar player found before or later.

I fully recommend this course to any acoustic guitar player. If you like going on youtube and listening to all these amazing arrangements of songs on acoustic guitar, this is the course for you because it explains exactly how to do it on your own and be creative about it. It gives you all this wealth of experience that you cannot gain in any way unless you want to spend 20 years listening to videos and trying to extract all those tricks by yourself. Simon has already done all this work for you. So get the course because there is nothing else out there like this.


Tommaso Zillio

Professional Guitar Teacher And Musician



One of the most things you can do as a guitar player is learn to play your favourite songs. But the biggest challenge with doing that on acoustic guitar specifically is that it’s very hard to replicate the sound of a full band on just an acoustic guitar, if you play acoustic guitar the way most people play it.

The cool thing about Simon’s course is that instead of teaching you just general notes or chords to play, he shows you specific creativity principles you can use to enhance your acoustic guitar covers and make them sound awesome even if it’s just you playing one instrument.

For instance, instead of playing power chords that sound awesome in most rock songs when you play them on electric guitar with distortion, but sound kind of weak if you play them on acoustic guitar, you will learn how to replace them with fuller and extended chords that make your covers sound great, really powerful, but still preserve the original feel that the songs suppose to have. 

You will also learn how to incorporate lead guitar soloing concepts for playing better melodies and lead guitar solos in your acoustic covers which is typically very hard to do. However, you are going to learn easy ways to do this that sound awesome, in this course.

You will also learn how to incorporate percussive sounds much as the sound of drums in your acoustic covers that really make your unplugged acoustic versions sound more like a full band playing even though it’s just going to be you playing.

You will also learn how to make music that wasn’t even written for guitar, like piano music, and create acoustic unplugged arrangements of it for acoustic guitar, and that is incredible.

The best thing is that the concepts you are going to learn are not just limited of course to creating cover songs, you will also be able to use these concepts to enhance your own acoustic guitar playing creativity on every level. So if you also write your own music, you’re going to be able to use every single one of these concepts to make your songs sound much better.

If you’re serious about your acoustic guitar playing and really want to advance your skills, I highly recommend this course Create Unplugged Versions Of Any Song On Your Acoustic Guitar by Simon Candy at


Mike Philippov

Professional Guitar Teacher And Musician



Hi. Paul Kleff here to tell you about a great new product from Simon Candy at Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online called Create Unplugged Versions Of Any Song On Your Acoustic Guitar.

This course is different to any other instructional course on the market because there isn’t anything like it that exists. Create Unplugged Versions Of Any Song On Your Acoustic Guitar will show you how to take electric versions of any song and turn them into unplugged acoustic versions. It will show you how to integrate the bass line into a chord progression so that you can create a complete song rather than just strumming chords.

It will also show you different types of chord approaches so that you can take electric power chords and convert them into chord versions that will work well and sound great on the acoustic guitar. You will learn different types of strumming approaches that will help you fill the sound out when you take an electric song and play it on the acoustic guitar.

The coolest part about the whole thing is it shows you how to take different instruments and arrange them for acoustic guitar. For example, it shows you how to take a piano part and create a cool acoustic guitar arrangement that works well.

Paul Kleff

Professional Guitar Teacher And Musician


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