How To Learn The Amazing Style Of Acoustic Guitar Percussion

Discover The Amazing Style Of Acoustic Guitar Percussion And How To Easily Make This Part Of Your Guitar Playing Now!

Despite what you my think, the art of playing acoustic guitar percussion is something anybody can do. With just a few of the basics down, you can go a long way to not only playing your instrument melodically, but percussively too.

The problem is that people observe this style of playing, and as much as they are amazed and impressed with what they hear, they also believe it is beyond their ability to play percussive guitar.

In this video, I will show you how you can be up and playing your acoustic guitar percussively in just a short amount of time. I will run you through some of the basics from the ground up, before we put these together to create beats and grooves on the body of your guitar.

Finally we will add these beats and grooves to a chord progression so you will be playing your guitar both melodically and percussively. You’re going to love the resulting sound!



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