How To Play Pattern Variations Of Clawhammer Fingerstyle Guitar Technique

How To Master The Clawhammer Fingerstyle Technique So You Can Easily And Effortlessly Fingerpick Your Guitar

Have you ever spent hours getting fingerpicking patterns into your fingers, yet still struggle to make anything that sounds like real music with them on your guitar?

This is because many people fail to realise that simply getting fingerpicking patterns into your fingers does NOT equal mastering this style/technique of guitar playing.

In fact, you could substitute the words “fingerpicking patterns” into the opening sentence above with any kind of technique for guitar, and it would still ring true.

Today I am going to show you how to master the clawhammer fingerstyle technique. In this video, I will take you beyond step 1, where most people stop, and show you what it truely takes to master this awesome fingerstyle technique that is used in literally thousands upon thousands of songs.



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